3 Alternatives to Expensive Christmas Presents

christmas presents

christmas presentsChristmas is a lot of fun, especially for those with kids ? and it is also exceptionally expensive.

In addition to buying expensive Christmas presents, you will probably need to buy food and other items for holiday parties you may be throwing. Plus, you might even have to travel to visit family or friends.

In other words, your back account is going to get quite a workout around the holiday season.

To avoid ruining the budget that you have worked so hard to maintain throughout the year, you need to have a good plan in place when Christmas rolls around.

Hopefully, you have been budgeting in advance for some of these costs, as they certainly aren?t a surprise each year. In addition to budgeting, you can also make smart decisions to save money on expensive Christmas presents while still ensuring that everyone has a happy holiday season.

Consider Older Models

When shopping for Christmas gifts, consider buying an older?model when picking out things like electronics.

As new products hit the market in advance of the holidays, the older models ? which are still high tech and work just fine ? tend to go on sale. You could save yourself a considerable amount by purchasing the previous model of a specific device or toy, and the recipient will still be getting an excellent gift.

Buy Useful Gifts

If you are a bit creative, you may be able to think of presents that will still be exciting to receive and yet also will be functional for months or maybe even years to come. In this way, you can spend your money around the holiday time on things that you were going to purchase anyway at some point.

Clothes are a common gift that falls into this category, but there are many other options available as well if you think about the needs of your family and the interests of each individual.

Start Early and Search Carefully

Okay ? so what if you can?t think of anything else to buy other than exactly what has been asked for on a Christmas list? When you are going to purchase a high-end item as a gift, the best thing you can do is start early and shop around as carefully as possible.

With the power of the internet at your disposal, you should be able to track down a variety of deals and opportunities to purchase a specific item at a lower price.

eBay is a great possibility when doing this kind of shopping, and you can always sign up for relevant mailing lists to get deals delivered right to your inbox.

It will take a bit of time and effort to shop this way, but the savings you enjoy in the end could very well be worth it. When you find the perfect deal, you will get to feel good about getting a great present while also saving money at the same time.


Can you think of other alternatives to expensive Christmas presents? How do you save money on gifts?


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  1. Excellent tips and a great time to start thinking about these. Far too many people seem “surprised” by the timing of Christmas each year. 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Been preparing for this holiday season. I have my budget ready, but there are still 2 months go before the official holiday comes around, so I still have some time to get more prepared to cover unexpected expenses.

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