6 Savvy Ways to Save This Spring

6 Savvy Ways to Save This Spring

6 Savvy Ways to Save This SpringFor many people, it is relatively easy to stay on budget during the winter months. You might not be particularly active during the winter ? depending on where you live ? meaning you probably won?t be spending as much money.

However, the story changes during the spring, as the weather starts to improve and you begin to think about doing things outdoors once again. So how do you save money while enjoying everything that spring has to offer? Check out the following six savvy ways to save this spring.

Spend Money for Next Winter

Okay ? so this isn?t a tip that will technically save you money in the short term, but it can pay off nicely in the long run. When spring arrives, many brands and retailers will discount their winter gear in order to move it out. If you are willing to buy things you need, like winter coats and other garments, for instance, you could get great deals on your purchases. When next winter comes around, you will already be prepared and you won?t have to pay full price.

Make Money on Spring Cleaning

Many people like to go through a spring cleaning process, which is a great idea for clearing out your house after a long winter. Fortunately, this is a process that can make you some money, as you may want to sell some of your old things online. Using sites like eBay is an easy way to sell your unwanted items without much trouble.

Use Natural Heating

If the weather in your area is warm during the day in the spring, consider opening up your windows during the daylight hours to warm the inside of your house. This technique may help you avoid running the furnace at night, which will save you on heating costs. As spring turns into summer, you can alter this plan to having some windows open at night for natural air conditioning.

Take an Affordable Trip

Spring break is a great time to go on vacation ? but such a vacation can be a big drain on your budget. So, instead of breaking the bank by taking a long trip to a tropical destination, stay closer to home and save this spring?in the process. With a bit of creativity and flexibility, it is a good bet that you can have fun without flying thousands of miles away.

Free Entertainment

The improving weather that you find in the spring means you can head outdoors for free entertainment instead of having to stay inside while doing something like going to a movie theater. Local parks are great options for this kind of free activity time, as are hiking trails, bike paths, and more.

Stay Focused on Your Budget

Sometimes, all it takes to save money is simply remaining focused on your budget goals. It is easy to be distracted by the optimism and excitement of spring, but remember how important it is to remain committed to your budget over the long run.


Do you have trouble with overspending during spring? How do you plan to save this spring?


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  1. We’re spending as much time as possible in parks right now. Here in the southeast we have a fairly short window of Spring before it just gets too hot to do much outside. Already the bugs are bad on calm days, but at least the temperature is moderate still.

    People should check into local park passes. We have one so we can come-and-go for free at any of the county parks – and there are 5 or 6 really nice ones fairly nearby.

  2. Larissa says:

    We’re the opposite. Winter is our expensive season between hockey for our kiddo and hockey fans of our local junior team we get out more and spend more cash. Spring is actually a nice reprieve for the budget as we’re around home more and the kiddo heads out to play on the block with the neighbour kids pretty much every dry or almost dry day that we experience.
    Definitely looking forward to spring cleaning and making some cash selling off extra items about to be purged from the house. 🙂

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