5 Signs You?re Ready for a Career Change

5 Signs You?re Ready for a Career ChangeIt can be difficult to know when the time has come to seek out a new career. Many people become comfortable in their jobs, afraid to make a change even if they aren?t particularly happy with the work they are doing. So how do you know when it is time for a career change? The following five signs should lead you in that direction.

1. You Need to Make More Money

This one is obvious ? if your living situation demands that you need to make more money than your current position allows, a career change?is necessary. It might be possible to look within your current career path for increased earning opportunities, but often you will have to make a complete change to find the money you need. Keep an open mind and think outside the box to find ways that you can earn a higher salary.

2. You Hate Monday Mornings

Most people have a negative association with Monday mornings, but you should think about a career change?if you truly come to hate this point of the week. If you find that you are absolutely miserable when you head back to work, this is a sure sign that you need to find a new career path. You are going to spend a huge percentage of your life at work, so you want to make sure that time is spent in a reasonably enjoyable manner.

3. You Need a Challenge

Sometimes, the need for a new challenge is enough to motivate you to find a new career path. If you feel bored throughout your work day because your tasks are too simple and repetitive, think about how you could leverage your past experiences into a new position. Since you have mastered your current job, there is almost certainly a new opportunity waiting out there if you are willing to look for it.

4. You Have More to Offer

If your educational or employment background suggests you are capable of more than you are doing in your current position, it might be time to seek out a career change. Many people fall into a job just because they need a paycheck, and they wind up sticking with that job even though they are qualified to do more. Don?t let complacency get in the way of career advancement. Take a close look at your own resume and think about ways it may be valuable to employers in a wide range of industries.

5. You Have Offers

When new job offers begin to land at your feet based on your performance in your current position, it would be a mistake to ignore them completely. That doesn?t mean that you need to go running for the first new offer you receive, but consider them carefully and weigh the pros and cons against your current position. The fact that other people are interested in your abilities proves you are doing a good job, and one of these offers may be the perfect way to elevate your career moving forward.


Is it time for you to look for a new career? Have you made a career change in the past? Why?


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  1. Far too many people stick with a job they hate… but they don’t have to! Changing careers is a very viable option for almost everyone.

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