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3 Ways to Beat the Tax Season Blues

3 Ways to Beat the Tax Season Blues

Are you looking forward to tax season? Of course not! No one looks forward to tax season – well, that is, unless you are getting a refund. If you expect to count yourself among the many people who will have to pay taxes this coming April, you are probably dreading the arrival of the deadline. We can’t do anything to ... Read More »

Why Now is the Right Time to Pay Down Debt

pay down debt

We’re already well into 2018, and some of our New Year’s resolutions may have been put on the back burner. If paying down your debt was one of your must-do proposals – revisit that ASAP. Why the urgency you may be asking? The start of February was marked by a dramatic price correction in equities markets around the world. Nothing ... Read More »

3 Steps to Take If Your Employer is Breaking Wage Laws

3 Steps to Take If Your Employer is Breaking Wage Laws

Love your job or not, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as receiving your paycheck. After all, you not only depend on it to live, but it’s also the tangible result of all your weeks and months of hard work. However, have you ever received your paycheck only to realize that it’s not quite what you expected? Maybe you worked overtime ... Read More »

5 Ways to Avoid Debt When You Buy Your Kid a Car

buy your kid a car

Deciding to buy your kid a car is a highly gratifying experience. You certainly want to help your children get off to a great start as they head toward adult life, and purchasing them a vehicle is a perfect way to do just that. No matter what they are setting out to accomplish, it is likely that they’ll need a ... Read More »

3 Smart Reasons You Should Never Lend Money to Friends

3 Reasons Not Lend Money to Friends

Lending money to just about anyone is an inherently sticky situation. Nonetheless, when someone you love needs assistance your first instinct is to do what you can. And if you’re in a position where you’re doing well financially, you might feel slightly obligated to lend money to friends in financial stress. While your heart is no doubt in the right ... Read More »