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4 Overlooked Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

spring clean

Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at everything in your life. Obviously, spring cleaning is a popular task to undertake as winter begins to thaw, with many people taking the opportunity to throw away some old junk, give the house a good deep clean, and get things ready for the beautiful spring and summer months to ... Read More »

7 Things to Consider Before Continuing Your Education


If you take a walk around just about any college campus in America these days, you?ll likely see some signs of age on more than a few in the sea of students around you. But while it?s no secret the number of students returning to college after age 25 is on the rise, how do you know if it?s the ... Read More »

What Options Are Available When Trying to Sell a Home?

Unfortunately, it’s not just buying a home that is stressful. Trying to sell a home can be a highly stressful task, and it?s one that can last for several months. If you?re looking to sell your home or ?put it on the market?, then there are a number of ways that you can do so; and it?s important that you ... Read More »

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Vacation

summer vacation

A summer vacation can be a lot of fun ? and it can also be really expensive. Vacations are rarely?cheap, and traveling during the busy summer season when everyone else is also trying to take their trips can only add to the cost. A summer vacation for a family of four or five can easily run thousands of dollars, so ... Read More »

7 Free Ways to Exercise Without a Gym


If you love to exercise, or even if you simply tolerate it to better your health, you probably already know it can get quite costly to join a gym or exercise club. Prices for a single membership can range anywhere from $40.00 per month to as much as $125.00 per month. In large cities where real estate is at a ... Read More »