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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Stay Home on Black Friday

black friday

Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving – has become incredibly popular for shoppers in recent years. For many people, Black Friday has become a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving. People plan all year long to head out at midnight, or earlier, to look for deals at stores. Recently, online retailers have gotten into the action as well. This means you ... Read More »

How to Avoid Phishing Schemes


Did you know that you can go phishing with your email? Yes, I spelled that right, phishing. I don’t mean fishing by printing out your emails and then putting them on a hook and throwing it into the lake to see what sticks. I’m talking about phishing, a method where hackers try to get you to give up your personal ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Finances

jumpstart your finances

Sometimes, it feels like you need to ‘reset’ your financial life to get things moving in the right direction again. In this article, we are going to look at some ideas to help you jumpstart your finances again. Each of the tips included below is relatively simple to put in place, but each has the potential to make a significant impact on ... Read More »