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What You Need to Know Before You DIY


DIY, do it yourself. These are (most) everyone’s favorite words these days. You see a cute something on HGTV or on Pinterest and you go, “Yeah, I can do that!” One can find thousands of how-to videos on Youtube, further encouraging you to do what you haven’t before. No DIY project is greater than that of your home. After an ... Read More »

3 Ways to Pay Off Student Loans Quicker

student loans

Getting a college degree is a great way to start off your adult life. People who hold degrees tend to make significantly more money over the course of a lifetime than do people with only a high school education. Of course, in many cases, some of those extra earnings are directed toward student loans which have been racked up in ... Read More »

How to Survive College by Tutoring Online

online tutoring

The current economic climate has left a lot of people feeling a bit tight on their budgets. To some, this can only be a mild inconvenience that stops them from an occasional indulgence. To others, it can become a matter of survival. While it is not unsound advice to encourage thriftiness and frugality for college students, this is not always ... Read More »

7 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home


Take a minute and think about your home. When you first bought your home, what features drew you to it? Was it the four bedrooms, three baths and a large master suite? Or was it the gourmet kitchen that could feed 20 of your closest friends? For the average home-buyer the amount of space is key when purchasing a home. But, ... Read More »

5 Ways to Save Money as a New College Graduate

college graduate

Graduating from college is an exciting time to be sure. You have been in school for most of your life, so finally getting out can be an incredible feeling. You will probably feel like the world is at your fingertips, and you will have nearly endless options in front of you. Of course, this time of life can also bring ... Read More »