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3 Ways to Save on Your Car Loan

car loan

Purchasing a new (or used) car is an exciting time, but it comes with some pretty serious financial decisions. While we would all like to be able to walk away with the fanciest car on the lot, real life gets in the way of those dreams. Instead, you need to make smart decisions and leave the dealership with a car ... Read More »

7 Ways to Stock Your Pantry on a Budget


When you move into your own place for the very first time, filling your kitchen with food isn’t always the first thing on your mind. But, once you’re settled, it won’t take long for your stomach to remind you that your pantry shelves need to be filled, or you’ll be forced to spend money on eating out. But with all ... Read More »

How to Handle a Big Salary Increase

salary increase

Have you recently received a large raise? Congratulations! There is nothing quite like a bump in pay to keep you motivated as you move forward in your career. While there is more to work than just your salary, it is the major driver in keeping you focused on your long-term goals. Also, it is nice to know that your efforts ... Read More »