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Financial Responsibilities of the Young and Single


The following is a contribution from Natasha Cornelius at Quotacy.

sunglasses-635269_1280Are you young and single? You probably do not have too many responsibilities other than paying rent on time and working toward getting rid of those student loans. Fewer responsibilities mean you don?t have to think about life insurance, right? Well, you may be surprised. More single people than you think carry life insurance to protect their loved ones and leave behind a legacy.

So, why might you want to consider buying life insurance even if you do not have any kids and aren?t married?

Co-Signed Loans

If you had your parents, grandparents, or anyone else help you out by co-signing on a loan, then that person will be contacted by your creditors to pay any outstanding debts owed if you die pre-maturely.

Rather than burden those who were so willing to help you in a time of need with this debt, your life insurance policy proceeds can be the best way to say thank you in the end by relieving them of any obligation to pay the loans back on their own.

Credit Card Debt

One thing that surprises people is that credit card debt can be passed on after someone dies. Credit card companies try really hard to get you to add people to your card as an authorized user. By doing so and listing your significant other, children, or your parents as authorized users, the credit card companies can now go after them?for any outstanding debt or missed payments if you can?t pay, even if they have never used the card. That?s something to think about.

Taking Care of Dependent Loved Ones

Many single people are finding themselves caring for aging parents or other loved ones in need. Whether it?s to pay off your home that is being shared with your elderly parents, or to provide relocation assistance into an elderly care facility, having life insurance is a great way to ensure your aging loved ones continue to get the best care possible.

Planning Ahead

Just because you are young, doesn?t mean you aren?t planning for the future. Buying life insurance when you are young and healthy can save you hundreds. Term life insurance that will last until you are in your 50s or 60s can be purchased now for under $20 a month. If you know you want to get married and have children, locking in those low rates now will help exponentially in the future.

The moral of the story is that even single people need life insurance in many cases and term life insurance is extremely affordable. But don?t take my word for it, run quotes for yourself at Quotacy. You can look at pricing anonymously, which means you do not have to give up any personal contact information to see quotes. Freedom to window shop at Quotacy is a great new and convenient way to shop for life insurance.


Do you have term life insurance? Why did you decide you needed life insurance?



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5 Ways to Save Money on Makeup and Beauty Products


6117830100_d1dcfd9583_zThere are many reasons why women choose to use makeup and other beauty products in their daily routine. Sometimes it?s because it feels like that is what is expected by society, by your peers, or by your job. Other times women decide to use makeup and beauty products to help them cover up faults, like skin blemishes or to help diminish the appearance or wrinkles and aging. A third reason women might choose to wear makeup is to make them feel good about themselves and build their self-confidence.

No matter why women choose to wear makeup though, the fact remains that makeup and beauty products can be very expensive. Here are five ways to help make your makeup and beauty routine at least a little bit cheaper.

Don?t Wear It

Some women choose to go all natural and not to wear makeup on a regular basis. This is definitely the easiest way to save money?on makeup and beauty products. But it?s not always an option for every woman.

Be Minimalistic

If you feel that you must wear at least some makeup, you can try to be as minimalistic about it as possible. Everyone knows that being a minimalist definitely makes saving money easier, and it?s definitely true when it comes to makeup and beauty products too. If you only use a cleanser, moisturizer, and mascara you?ll probably be spending less than your friends or co-workers who use 12-15 beauty products every day.

Use Double Duty Products

The next step up from a makeup minimalist is a woman who wants a more made up look but chooses to accomplish it with as few products as possible. This type of woman probably uses products that can do double duty, like a BB or CC cream that takes the place of moisturizer, foundation, and more all in one step. This will save you time spent in front of the mirror every day, space in your bathroom cabinet, and money vs using 2, 3, or more products to complete the same thing as a BB or CC cream. There are lots of other double duty products out there as well, like one product that can be used for both eye and cheek color.

Buy Generic

Drugstore makeup used to be made of pretty horrendous quality, but these days it?s not nearly so bad. Most drugstore makeup is actually pretty comparable in quality to some pyramid scheme makeup company?s products, but for way less money. (Shh! Don?t tell them I said so!)

Use it ALL Up

The final way you can save money?on makeup and beauty products is to make sure you use up all of the products you buy. When you get to the bottom of the tube of liquid foundation and can?t squeeze anymore out, perhaps you can cut the tube or unscrew the top off a pump foundation to get some more out of the container.

I once even found tiny rubber spatulas, like what you would use to scrape leftovers into a pile in the kitchen, that were made just specifically to help you get the very last bits of liquid makeup out its container.



Do you wear makeup very often? Do you use any of these tips to help you save on makeup and beauty products? Can you think of any other ways to save on makeup and beauty products?



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6 Ways to Save Money When You?re Flat Broke

Save Money

7408472762_c54bd3fb0b_zMost people, at some point in their lives, will go through some financial trouble. It is nothing to be embarrassed about ? it is just a fact of life that at some point you just might be flat broke.

When you find yourself facing a situation where you don?t have enough money coming in to meet your bills on time each month, the first thing you should do is look for ways to save. Even the most responsible people usually have a few places where they can save money just by making smart decisions and planning ahead.

Here?are six easy tips designed to help you save where you can until you get back on track.

#1 ? Cook for Yourself

When money gets tight, meals out of the house should be one of the first things to go. Cooking your own food is almost always less expensive than eating in a restaurant, and it is often healthier as well. If you don?t know how to cook, learn some basic skills and you just might find that you enjoy the hobby of cooking ? in addition to enjoying the money that you can save.

#2 ? Cut Back on Cable

Do you really watch all of those channels you pay for? Call your cable company and see if you can reduce the cost of your monthly cable bill by cutting out some of those extra channels. Most likely, you won?t even miss them once they are gone.

Sometimes cable companies are even willing to reduce your bill without you giving up any channels if you negotiate with them. Better yet, you can cut the cable altogether! 🙂

#3 ? Drive Less

Putting miles on your car costs money in a number of ways. Obviously you have to put gas in the vehicle, but you also need to perform maintenance more regularly when you drive a lot of miles. While there might not be anything you can do about your commute, try to keep the non-work miles to a minimum.

#4 ? Be Responsible Around the House

You might not think it?s a big deal to leave some extra lights on or let the furnace run while you aren?t home, but those energy costs can add up quickly. Make sure you are keeping your utilities bill to a minimum by turning off lights when you aren?t in a room, programming your furnace properly for the times when you need it to run, etc. These are simple fixes but the savings can add up and saving energy is good for the environment as well.

#5 ? Shop Second Hand

If you need to replace some of your clothes, consider browsing the second hand store for low-cost options. Many of the garments you will find in these kinds of stores are in nearly-new condition for a fraction of the price that you would have to pay otherwise.

#6 ? Give up a Habit

For some people, it is a morning stop at a coffee stand. For others, it is an afternoon trip to the vending machine at work. Whatever your daily habit happens to be, it is probably costing you more money than you realize. Try cutting out this daily routine and see how much money you can save over the course of a week. Once you see the extra money start to add up, you likely won?t have any interest in returning to your old ways.



Have you used any of these ideas to save money? Have you ever negotiated a bill? What are some other ways you can quickly cut your spending?



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Save Money on Entertainment By Taking Advantage Of What You Already Have

Time Sucking

Time SuckingDoing things together as a family is a priority for many people, but many forms of family entertainment are expensive. Many typical family entertainment options, like attending a movie or sporting event, have become too expensive for many families’ budgets. But don’t worry, there are still great options to consider for family entertainment at home so you can stay within your budget.

The High Cost of Entertainment

Some types of entertainment have become too expensive for a family to attend regularly. For example, the average cost of a movie ticket in 2014 was?about $8. If a family of 4 attends a movie and buys another $8 each in concessions, the total cost is over $64 for one night of entertainment!

Sporting event tickets are also expensive. For example, an MLB baseball ticket averages nearly $29, and?the average cost of an NFL ticket was about?$84 in 2014.

These costs make some of these activities out of reach for many?families.

Improvements in Home Entertainment

Changes in technology are making home entertainment more attractive for families. If you have?DIRECTV service in Dallas, for example, you have access to enhanced NFL game programming.?DIRECTV Sunday Ticket lets subscribers watch any NFL game in the country. You also have access to the Red Zone channel. This feature lets a viewer watch every NFL play inside the 20-yard line. Sunday Ticket makes NFL games more exciting for subscribers.

In addition to sporting events, families can watch hundreds of TV channels and movies right in their home. You can access movies that were recently in the theater. The viewer can search for films by title or by genre.

All of these features allow a family to enjoy entertainment at home. Subscribing to TV is still not the cheapest option, but it’s still quite a bit cheaper than attending movies at the theatre or going to professional sporting events.

Reading Programs

Families can also spend time together reading. For small children, reading with parents can be a daily activity, particularly at bedtime. Several websites offer tools to help keep kids interested in reading, as they get older.

Book Adventure is a site designed to get children to read. The child can search for books on the site and read the books online. Kids can take a quiz on the book and earn prizes.

A family can read selections from a book each week and discuss what they read. Reading is important for kids, and?this family activity can help a child perform well in school.

Other Home Activities

Here are some other great?ideas of activities a family can do at home together:

  • Board games: Most families accumulate a closet full of board games over time. Playing a board game together is a great activity. If you haven?t played a game in awhile, this activity can bring back fun memories.
  • Get outside: Playing in the backyard on the swing set, or throwing a football is something the whole family can do. If you have pets, walk your pets with the whole family.
  • Cook together: Cooking channels, website and podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years. Since cooking can be a group activity, try it as a family event. You can use the web or TV shows to find recipes for any type of food. This helps you extend the period of time your family is together for meals.
  • Crafts: Doing craft activities can be inexpensive. Many websites explain how to work on crafts using household items you probably have on hand.
  • Traditions: Establish traditions for your family. Your traditions can be tied to a particular holiday or season of the year. Maybe you bake cookies every December, or take a vacation to a lake house every summer. Developing family traditions can bring your family together.

If you use?these tips to plan family entertainment at home, you can enjoy family time and stick to your budget.


How does your family entertain themselves while sticking to a budget? Do you subscribe to TV at home? What other ways can you think of to save money on family entertainment?



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A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Ahead With Your Finances

Spending Triggers

Spending TriggersReaching the goal of financial security does not happen all at once. Getting ahead with your finances is a result of a series of deliberate steps throughout one?s financial life. It can begin as soon as young people secure their first jobs and continue throughout their entire work lives.

Along the way, individuals must make decisions about many important and trivial purchases. If you remember these tips shared, you will ensure that your ultimate goal of financial stability will be within reach.

Pay Yourself First

Financial experts advise individuals to begin the habit of putting aside money into an instant access savings account. Go to your local financial institution to discuss this in the early days of your work life. This habit will allow you to accumulate money that can help you to achieve your goals and make your finances more secure. A small amount saved regularly will grow into a significant savings over the long term. Your retirement fund will help to provide security as you grow older. At the same time, the money you set aside can provide funds for unexpected expenses.

Create A Realistic Budget For Your Expenses and Stick To It

Take an honest look at your expenses and allocate your income in a realistic manner to ensure that all bills are paid on a regular basis. This budget should include monthly housing expenses, transportation costs, food, clothing, medical care and entertainments costs. If these expenses do not fit into your current income patterns, you should consider getting extra work to bring in more income or find ways to cut these expenses to a more reasonable amount.

Use Credit Cards Judiciously

Credit cards can provide individuals with a great deal of freedom about purchases. However, credit can also be misused and can cause a great deal of financial stress if used incorrectly. Before making a purchase with a credit card, individuals should carefully consider whether this purchase helps to advance their larger goals or their quality of life. Items bought on impulse often do not promote either of these goals. Also consider whether there are other ways the purchase can be financed. You may already have significant savings that will cover the purchase, and you will be able to avoid the additional costs of interest on the credit card. An instant access bank account can provide the services you need to make better decisions regarding your purchases.

Pay Off Loans Quickly

Many important items must be paid for in installments. These payments can reduce a significant amount of your disposable income each month. Making these payments on time can help to ensure that your ability to borrow money in the future is secure. If possible, pay off loans as quickly as possible to allow you to reduce your monthly expenses and save more money for the future. Good money management requires discipline and thoughtfulness. However, if you employ these tips, you will find that financial security becomes a habit that pays off richly.


What are you doing to get ahead with your finances? Are you taking any of these steps?



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