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4 Ways to Get Back on Track Financially This Year

Get Back on Track

It is easy to get off track financially and suddenly find yourself staring at a growing pile of bills each month. While it can be a bad feeling to get into this position, there is no sense sitting around and worrying about it – the only thing you can do is get started on correcting the problem. By developing a plan ... Read More »

How to Celebrate Your Financial Milestones Frugally

Financial Milestone

I recently reached a financial milestone in my journey to be debt free– I paid off one of my credit cards! As excited as I was and as much as I wanted to celebrate my financial milestone, I wanted to make sure it was a frugal celebration so I wouldn’t be setting myself back in my progress. Similar to how ... Read More »

3 Signs You’re Headed for Financial Trouble

Financial Trouble

When it comes to finances, some people just prefer to keep themselves in the dark regarding the true state of their accounts, especially if they are in debt. If you aren’t making enough money to cover all of your expenses, it can be easier to just ignore the problem rather than meeting it head on and finding a solution. Of ... Read More »

3 Time Sucking Activities You Should Quit Today

Time Sucking

Time is money. It’s amazing how often we forget that while we make our way through our daily routines. Most of my days are pretty similar. I get up and get ready and then I go to work at my full-time job. After work I go home, prepare supper, play with my dogs for a few minutes, and then sit ... Read More »