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Are You Ready for An Internet Sales Tax? The Marketplace Fairness Act

Sales Tax Register

Sales Tax RegisterFor those of you that are used to shopping online, get ready. You may soon be paying sales tax for your online purchases.?The Marketplace Fairness Act?looks like it will be passed in the Senate next week. There are also signs pointing towards it passing in Congress as well. If it all goes that way that, which it looks like it will, you’ll be paying a sales tax on your online purchases soon. That is of course if?you live in a state that collects sales tax. Read more

The Wise Dollars Favorite April Blog Posts

April Blog Posts

April Blog PostsSo here we are at the beginning of May, it seems like the year is flying by. I’m getting comfortable with my new job and although I’m still in learning mode, I feel more and more at home with it every day. I still don’t have as much time as I would like to focus on my blog, but I have to prioritize my time, and the job has top priority for now! So without too much further ado, here’s my collection of?favorite?blog posts for the latter half of April. Read more