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Introduction to Stocks and Technical Analysis

Technical AnalysisHere’s another post with some basic information that anyone investing should know about. ?If you’ve read any of my “Intro to?Investing” posts before, you’ll have noticed that I give warning when there’s a fair amount of, well, let’s just call it “dry” reading ahead. Fair warning, this post shall be no different! But I do promise that I’ll try to keep it short enough so that you’ll be through with it before you?re tempted to poke your eyes out?with?a dull pencil. Read more

The Wise Dollars March 2013 Favorite Blog Posts

March Blog FavoritesHappy April Fools Day! As promised, here?s my compilation of favorite blog posts for March. There were really so much more but I?couldn’t?possible get them all in. There’s a lot of good reading out there and truth be told, I’m starting to fall behind! Here?s my favorites for the latter part of March: Read more