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Tribute to a Coupon Queen


couponsSeveral weeks ago my wife, Joel, took note of some Facebook pages that focused on coupons and savings. She ended up?visiting?their websites and studying up on the “Art of Coupons”. She was definitely intrigued with the entire concept of saving money on our groceries. It wasn?t too long before we went to the local Wal-Mart for some sundries (It seems we make far too many weekly trips to the local WM, but that?s a topic for another post). While there, Read more

An Easy Way To Save On Your Heating Bill

Heating Bill - The Winter BluesFor those of you that have frigid unforgiving winters, and even for those of us that live in more moderate climates such as myself, Here’s a quick and relatively inexpensive way to save on your heating bill. Even though it’s late in the season, it’s not too late to save a few dollars between now and Spring and to be ready for next fall when the cold starts all over again. Read more

Confessions of a Tool Junkie

Tool JunkieLet me confess that I love and collect tools. I’ve had a relationship with tools since I was a child. It probably stems from my father being an avid do it yourselfer. I can remember dozens of projects that I helped my father with. Working on cars, plumbing repairs, concrete work, Read more

Five Common Reasons Budgets Fail

why budget failHow many times have you reached the end of the month, paid all of your bills and found that you’ve overspent your budget. Mistakes happen and unexpected?expenses?can certainly challenge even the most dedicated leading to a failed budget. But if you find this happening to you more often than not then maybe you need to look at your budget and see if you?re making one of these five common mistakes. Read more

The Challenge – Changing Your Blogs Domain



February 4th, 2013 marks a day that will live in infamy. (At least in my mind). After agonizing over my blogs name,, I decided that I needed to change the name. Readers of personal finance blogs are probably looking for blogs with names that have “money”, “dollar?, ?finance? or other financial terms. Read more