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Payroll Deduction Social Security Pay Cut in 2013

Payroll Deduction Pay Cut for 2013

How many of you have prepared for the social security tax increase you’ll be seeing shortly? If your a citizen of the U.S. and draw a paycheck then you’ve probably already seen a pay cut in your take home pay. If you haven’t, be prepared, You will see a pay cut. When our government passed legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff an extension the payroll tax cut “holiday” was not included. Read more

Investing For Financial Independence – Part One

Investing : Markets on the RiseInvesting for Financial Independence

Here’s part one on investing for financial independence. For?those of us working towards financial independence investing is not an option, it is mandatory. I’m an avid investor and have been investing in various types?of market securities for over 30 years. I’ve had mixed results but overall am happy with where I’m at in my investments and how they’ve performed.

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Introduction on How To Budget

Budget - Squeezing your Dollar

How many of us truly know how to budget? By that I mean, are we capable of setting up a?reasonable?budget and stick to it? Personally, I am a whiz at setting up a budget, seriously, I am. I can tell you exactly how much I need to set aside to pay for auto insurance, utilities, food, DEBT REDUCTION, etc. BUT, my biggest?challenge, and the?challenge?that I think most of us face is being able to stick to a budget once we set one up.

Budget Fails

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Debt consolidation can eliminate your financial woes: Steps to follow

Editor: Dan Marshall is guest?contributor? Dan’s posts focus on debt related matters such as?consolidation?and elimination. If you are interested in submitting a guest post at the Wise Dollar, please contact me with an overview of what you would like to post. Thanks – Jose

Credit has become the necessary evil for all the people. As a result, almost 58% of all the credit card users today carry some amount of outstanding balances or the other. It is a serious drawback that is plaguing the country. For that reason, there are many financial services like debt consolidation programs that can resolve the financial problems of an individual. However, to consolidate date?there are certain rules that must be followed. Read more