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Why You Shouldn’t Request a Tax Refund Advance

Why You Shouldn't Request a Tax Refund Advance

Tax season is officially upon us. As we scramble to collect all of our W-2s, 1099s, receipts, etc., we start to think about our tax refund. Remember that getting a tax refund from the government means you paid too much money in taxes throughout the year. They are giving you back the money that they borrowed. If you are getting ... Read More »

5 Reasons Your Budget Fails Every Month

5 Reasons Your Budget Fails Every Month

As you already know, budgeting is a key skill that can help you keep your finances on track in both the short and long-term. However, even if you take the time to craft a budget for your household, you might find that you have trouble hitting the mark each month. There can be a variety of reasons for coming up ... Read More »

3 Ways to Say ‘No’ to Overspending Pressure

3 Ways to Say ‘No’ to Overspending Pressure

The society that we live in today is one of overspending and consumerism. Many people measure their worth against everyone else by the things that they own, rather than the person that they are and what they contribute to society. In addition to the unhealthy nature of consumerism, overspending is an easy way to blow through your budget – even ... Read More »

How to Plan for Irregular Expenses

irregular expenses

Budgeting would be pretty easy if you could always plan on exactly how much money you were going to have to spend each month. You could figure out how much you make at your current job, compare that to your fixed expenses, and put together a plan for making the numbers add up correctly. Of course, that isn’t the way ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Finances

jumpstart your finances

Sometimes, it feels like you need to ‘reset’ your financial life to get things moving in the right direction again. In this article, we are going to look at some ideas to help you jumpstart your finances again. Each of the tips included below is relatively simple to put in place, but each has the potential to make a significant impact on ... Read More »