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Stop the Energy Loss Around Your Home

energy loss

Are you like everyone else? Are you tired of paying those expensive energy bills every month? It seems like they are always going up. There is a battle to be fought when it comes to using less energy. It is one that will take vigilance. Are you up to it? Yes, it is great to have appliances that are energy ... Read More »

How to Handle ‘I Wants’ from Your Kids During the Holidays

How to Handle ‘I Wants’ from Your Kids During the Holidays

As a parent, the holidays are likely a time of mixed emotions. Sure, you enjoy the chance to spend quality time with your family, and you love seeing how excited the kids get when they are able to open their presents. However, you have to balance the budget even during this exciting time of year, which can be difficult to ... Read More »

3 Alternatives to Expensive Christmas Presents

christmas presents

Christmas is a lot of fun, especially for those with kids – and it is also exceptionally expensive. In addition to buying expensive Christmas presents, you will probably need to buy food and other items for holiday parties you may be throwing. Plus, you might even have to travel to visit family or friends. In other words, your back account ... Read More »

5 Food Preservation Methods That Save Money

food preservation

With summer produce season coming to a close, and with a hint of pumpkin spice in the air, it means it’s time to put up your produce and prepare for the winter. Preserving food has been around since humans could hunt. Back then, meat products were the main preserved food type and people had to get creative with how they ... Read More »

5 Cool Tech Tools To Help You Save Money

save money

Saving money can be hard. It’s hard to create a budget and stick to it diligently each month. We all know you have to save money in order to pay down debt and reach your financial goals. But, there are resources that can help you save money. If you’re old school, you can use reference books as well as financial planners to ... Read More »