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3 Top Tips for Shipping Items Overseas

shipping items

The development and refinement of commercial transport services, and the increase in overseas selling over the last few decades have revolutionized the way that we live. Where sending items to foreign buyers would once have seemed impractical, it is now commonplace. Whether we want to post a gift to a friend, send an eBay sale to another continent, or attract ... Read More »

Are Permanent Makeup Tattoos Worth The Money?

permanent makeup tattoos

Perfect cat’s eye eyeliner and a delicate arched brow with a red lip are classic makeup basics. They’ve been worn by the best of Hollywood sirens, including stars of the past like Marilyn Monroe. A seasoned pro can put this “face” on in a just a minute or two, but for most of us it takes a decent amount of ... Read More »

7 Ways to Keep Cool When Summer Heats Up

keep cool

It’s so hot, at least in my area. With heat index warnings and 100 degree plus temperatures everyday, it can be hard to keep cool. When you’re a kid, you look forward to summer because of the much needed break from school, and the hot weather that brings fun summer activities along with it. But even as an adult, there ... Read More »

Is Renewable Energy Worth the Upfront Cost?

renewable energy

Energy efficiency, renewable energy and going green, are terms that have become more prevalent in everyone’s vocabulary these days. It seems that everyone wants to live sustainably. Plus, green methods are perceived to be easier on your budget in the long-run. But are they really worth the upfront cost? Here are some of the different types of renewable energy, plus their costs and ... Read More »

Should You Hire a Housekeeper?


Chores – the dreaded tasks of everyone, no matter your age. Housework, laundry, scrubbing the toilet – no one likes doing it but these things are necessary to stay clean and sanitary. But it can be hard to prioritize these things over other items in our daily schedules that are more fun. After a long day of work, or even ... Read More »