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How Not to Fall for Door to Door Sales Traps

Door to Door Sales Traps

Today we take a look at an elusive creature. This character has the charm of a panda, the wits of a fox and smoothness of a snake. Who is this you ask? It’s the ever suave door to door salesmen! While not every door to door salesman is an unethical person, they know what they are doing, so you need ... Read More »

5 Tips to Help You Afford Christmas This Year

5 Tips to Help You Afford Christmas This Year

Now that fall has arrived, Christmas season is much closer. While this festive time of year can bring many new family memories and jolly seasonal fun, it can also be stressful due to the cost of buying gifts for your family. It’s important to pace yourself when buying gifts and to also look for ways to cut back on your ... Read More »

7 Financial Considerations of Pet Ownership

pet ownership

“Awww, look at that puppy! Can we keep it?” “Look what followed me home! Can we keep it?” When it comes to animals, especially cute and fluffy animals, we humans have a serious lack of willpower. We can’t resist wanting to bring home the first fluffy animal we see. Pets are great for the family and provide numerous benefits including companionship, ... Read More »

Financial Benefits of Multi-Generational Living

multi-generational living

Family trends are changing in America. These days, more young adults are living at home after college. Plus a larger share of the aging population is moving in with their kids too. The label multi-generational living is starting to become a household term. There are many reasons why multi-generational living has become more popular. Things like a weak economy, a shortage ... Read More »

5 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Yourself

home improvement

Home improvement projects can be fun – but they are almost always expensive. Good materials are not cheap, and you might even have to buy new tools in order to complete the work properly. However, there are actually a few potential home improvement jobs hiding around your home that can be handled on a reasonable budget. If you would like ... Read More »