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Your Guide to Compare Car Insurance Policies

Your Guide to Compare Car Insurance Policies

It truly feels intimidating to search for the right car insurance as it takes much time and effort to compare different policies. However, you can actually get the process more simplified although it may seem tougher initially. These days, a number of insurance providers are indeed walking an extra mile to make your policy hunting much easier than before. You ... Read More »

Managing Healthcare During Times of Financial Stress

Healthcare spending exceeded $10,000 per person in 2016, and appears to be a continuing problem for the foreseeable future. If you’ve lost your job, or haven’t recovered wages from previous job losses, or even if you’ve changed careers to try and make ends meet, you may be feeling economic strain thanks to healthcare mandates and rising costs for prescription drugs. ... Read More »

What Makes Vehicles so Costly to Insure?

What Makes Vehicles so Costly to Insure?

Are you in the market for a new car? You may be considering factors, such as the style, size and cost of the vehicle. You may also be considering long-term costs associated with maintenance of the vehicle as well as its fuel economy. But there’s one more item you need to consider in your list: the cost of insuring the ... Read More »

5 Hacks for Saving on Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insurance

You did it! You found your dream home, you applied for and got a mortgage, you saved and had a decent down payment, and you bought your house. But don’t think your work as a homeowner is over. There are a lot of things you have to consider as a home owner that you’d never have to worry about as ... Read More »

6 Types of Car Insurance Coverage For All Drivers

Types of Car Insurance For Drivers

The following is a contribution from my blogging friend, Gary. Although buying auto insurance is mandatory in the United States, the process of getting a policy isn’t as straightforward as consumers would like. There are three different types of car insurance coverage: liability, comprehensive or collision and medical coverage for drivers. Below, we will discuss the differences between these types ... Read More »