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5 Times Frugality Doesn’t Work

5 Times Frugality Doesn’t Work

We are all about being frugal. It is our belief that consistent frugality can lead to a better life for you and your family. Countless people spend more than they need to spend in their day to day lives, and they pay for it in the long run. Learn how to save money, and your financial future will suddenly look ... Read More »

4 Ways to Know if You are Being Cheap or Frugal

cheap or frugal

Your spending and saving habits have a huge influence on your life and your relationships with people around you. If you make smart spending and saving decisions, you can expect to have less financial stress and there will be fewer odds of friction in your financial dealings with other people. Two of the commonest labels that apply to people based ... Read More »

5 Crazy Ways Frugality Can Go Too Far


Being frugal (which is kind of a nice way of saying ‘cheap’) is usually a great thing. Frugality can help you to get, and keep, your financial life in order. While it might not always be fun to choose saving or spending, the rewards are obvious when you live your life in a frugal state of mind. Of course, taking ... Read More »

5 Creative Ways to Stretch Leftovers


Let’s face it. As much fun as some of us have cooking our meals, we all get into a rut now and then. And if you do very much cooking, you already know it isn’t always easy to use all those leftovers. Just the word “leftovers” has some people turning up their noses. But like it or not, using your ... Read More »

4 Easy Ways to Save More Money Every Month

save more money

I’m usually firmly planted on the side of earning more over spending less. This is as I tend to find it easier to work a little more instead of cutting things from my budget. But I’m finding that the more I’m around frugal people and the more I read about frugal tendencies, the easier it is for me to save more ... Read More »