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How to Stretch Charitable Donations on a Small Budget

Charitable Donations

Supporting local charities and causes in my hometown is something that is near and dear to my heart. But unfortunately, I don’t have much money built into my monthly budget for charitable giving because much of my income is going toward paying off my consumer debt and student loans, not to mention trying to build a decent sized emergency fund. ... Read More »

6 Ways to Save Money on Health Care Costs

save money

With the ever-changing health care coverage in today’s world, it’s more important than ever that we as citizens learn how to save money on health care costs. Rising prescription drug costs and higher co-pays in the medical world mean more money out of the pockets of most citizens. There are ways, however, that we as citizens can help minimize the ... Read More »

How to Make A Zero-Based Budget Work When Self-Employed

Zero-Based Budget

The following is a contribution from Donny at PersonalIncome.org. If you’d like to contribute to Wise Dollar, please contact us.   You’ve probably heard the term “zero-based budget” thrown around a time or two. Financial guru Dave Ramsey is in favor of the system, stating that “the point of a zero-based budget is to make income minus the outgo equal ... Read More »

When Budgeting, Little Amounts Add Up with Apps Like Qmee


Budgeting is a lot like life. If you try to swallow it all in one bite, you’ll choke. But if you take a micro-view of budgeting and think of it as something you do little by little, day by day, you’re more likely to get your spending under control and see success living by a budget. When you hear someone ... Read More »

5 Budget Leaks You Want to Plug Now

Budget Leak

It is much easier to waste money than most people realize. You might have the best of intentions to control your spending, yet money still leaks out of your budget without you even noticing. These budget leaks might not be huge, but they can add up to cost you big time at the end of the month – or the ... Read More »