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How to Dress Up for Holiday Parties on the Cheap

Holiday Parties

I know it’s just now time for Thanksgiving, but believe it or not, holiday parties are right around the corner. When I still worked full-time in my office job, I had at least four holiday parties to attend each year, not counting the ones that were only for my family. My company had two Christmas parties, one with the board ... Read More »

5 Money Moves to Make Before the End of the Year

Money moves

Time always moves fast, but the end of the year really seems to fly by once summer has come to an end. It seems as if one day you are sending the kids off for the first day of school, and the next day you are putting presents under the tree. It is easy to let these autumn months get ... Read More »

Personal Capital Review: Manage Your Finances For Free!

Personal Capital

I wrote this Personal Capital review after having used the service for the past several years. I have various financial accounts with different companies from bank accounts, credit cards, online brokerage accounts and more. You likely deal with the very same thing. That’s great as you usually can’t take care of all your financial needs at one place but it ... Read More »