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5 Ways to Save on Your Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

Taking a summer vacation is a great opportunity to get away from work for a week or more and spend time with your family or friends. Whether you choose to head to a new destination or back to a spot that you have visited many times, your summer vacation is likely to be one of the highlights of the year. ... Read More »

How to Use Coupons and Not Be a Jerk About it


I used to use coupons like they were going out of style, but I found that I was actually spending more money to “save” rather than actually saving money. I got so obsessed with using coupons that I was buying things I didn’t need or larger quantities of items I do use but they would go bad before I could ... Read More »

How to Make Money by Selling Old Gadgets

Old Gadgets

These days it seems that new smartphone’s are launched onto the market every month, whether it is Apple, Samsung, HTC or Nokia – it doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is. To make matters worse, we get commercials telling us why the latest phone is a must have and that we’re losing out if we don’t buy one. The thing is, the ... Read More »