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When Being Frugal is Cool


As a kid whenever my mom would use a coupon at the grocery store or make me wait until my favorite jeans were on sale, I was mortified. I didn’t want others to think we weren’t able to afford things, even when technically we couldn’t. Luckily for my childhood self, my parents never made us buy used clothing from garage sales ... Read More »

How to Budget with Little Income


One of the most common financial mistakes that individuals make is failing to budget because they don’t feel like they make enough money to make it worthwhile. In reality, it doesn’t matter how little income you make – it is always a good idea to have a basic budget in place that outlines your spending. By using a logical budget to ... Read More »

2 Reasons Why I Hate Being A Homeowner


Ever since I bought my house at the ripe old age of 21 in October 2012, I’ve found myself regretting my decision to pursue homeownership every now and then. Sure buying a house does have a lot of perks over renting, like being able to paint the walls whatever color you want. Lime green kitchen anyone? (Just kidding!) Plus as a ... Read More »