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4 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas You Can DIY

Home Improvement

As time goes by, you will begin to notice more and more jobs around your house that need to be done. Home maintenance and repair is a never-ending battle, but you can make the task easier (and less expensive) by staying ahead of the game. Try to tackle home improvement projects before they absolutely have to be done so you ... Read More »

4 Side Hustles I’ve Tried and Why They Failed

side hustles

I never really thought about it until I started reading personal finance blogs a couple of years ago, but I’m a chronic side hustler. I’m always looking for unique and fun new ways to bring in extra money in addition to my main income source, which up until recently was a full-time office job. Needless to say as a chronic ... Read More »

Motif Investing Review: Get Up To $150 Cash Back!

Motif Investing

I opened an account with Motif Investing about a year ago, so I thought a Motif Investing Review would be in order to go over what they have to offer. If you’ve never heard of Motif Investing before they’re a newer player in the online brokerage scene. They’ve been around for roughly four years and bring a new twist to the ... Read More »