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6 Things People Often Forget to Budget For

6 Things People Often Forget to Budget For

Setting up your first budget can seem daunting. You have to gather together all of your bills and paperwork from the past few months so you can see what you are really earning and spending each month. But there are a few expenses that you don’t necessarily get an actual “bill” for every month. These are the things that are ... Read More »

How to Plan for Irregular Expenses

irregular expenses

Budgeting would be pretty easy if you could always plan on exactly how much money you were going to have to spend each month. You could figure out how much you make at your current job, compare that to your fixed expenses, and put together a plan for making the numbers add up correctly. Of course, that isn’t the way ... Read More »

Why You Should Use a Health Savings Account

health savings account

As we begin to think about the upcoming tax deadline, we also start to think about ways we can save money and especially ways to take advantage of tax exemptions. One thing you might not be taking full advantage of are tax exemptions and other opportunities to save on health care expenses. Health care is a pricey, but necessary expense. Health ... Read More »